Saturday, April 16, 2011

iPhone Tips & Tricks ver. 2.0

Hello and welcome back. We have now moved on to the second part in this series of Tips & Tricks. If you missed the first entry please refer back, you may have missed something cool.

Extra Keys:

Several extra keys are hidden within the keyboard of the iPhone. For example do you need to type ü even though you are not using the German keyboard? The trick is pretty simple. You need to simply press and hold the letter ‘u’ and additional keys will pop up. You can select the key you want to enter. Other examples of these additional keys are é, î, ç, å, ß etc.
Additional keys are also present for punctuation marks. Simply press and hold these punctuation keys to get additional options.
Also a neat feature is the option for entering additional domains such as .edu, .net etc when you press and hold the .com key, this is useful when you are entering URL’s in Safari or Mail.

Delete Mails:

A neat trick is the swipe to delete feature which is present in Mail and other similar applications. You can quickly delete an item by swiping your finger left to right on the item. Very similar to how you would strike something out with a pen on a to-do list. Once you swipe you will be given an option to confirm your action. Once you confirm the item will be deleted.


I am sure all of us have needed to call someone right back after we have finished talking to them. Redialling is something which is very common. Even though the iPhone Phone app has a nice outgoing and incoming call list, have you ever wondered whether it is possible to redial. There is no button on the keypad which provides you with this common feature so do you know whether you can do it? The answer is yes. If you simply press the call button, the last number you called will be dialed again. Hence, you do not need to input or search for the contact but instead redial easily using the call button.

That's it for this posting. Check back often, there's more to come.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

iPhone Tips & Tricks

Even though the iPhone is a mobile powerhouse, using iOS isn’t the most difficult thing in the world. Using the iPhone is extremely simple and intuitive in most cases. However, there are still several small yet useful tips and tricks stored under the hood which makes the iPhone that much more elegant.

Taking Screen Shots:
If you simultaneously press the home button and the sleep/wake button then you will be able to take a screenshot of your current screen. As soon as you press the two buttons you will hear a camera shutter noise and the screen will flash white. You find the screenshot of your iPhone screen in the Saved Photos library in the Photos app.

Saving Images:
If you didn’t know how to save images in Safari or Mail then let us enlighten you. By touching and holding on to an image on Safari or Mail a pop-up menu will appear which will give you the option to save the image. This image will get saved in the Saved Photos library of the Photos app on the iPhone.

Using Caps Lock:
If you are already not aware then get this. You can lock caps lock by double tapping on the Shift key. Remember, for this feature to work you need to first make sure that Caps Lock is enabled. Go into Settings, then General and then Keyboard and make sure it’s enabled.
Another interesting tip for saving a tap is to touch the shift key and slide it over to a letter which youwant to make capital. This trick can also work for inputting numbers. This can definitely help you save some time if you do a lot of emailing or messaging from your iPhone.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog & check back soon for more Tips and Tricks.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blogsy App for iPad

Hello, This is my first post from a new app for the iPad called Blogsy. From what I have seen so far, it is by far the best blogging app for the iPad & better than most websites I have used. It's very easy to add photos, videos, & links. This is a test, only a test.

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